In the heart of Jabalia during the 2014 war against Gaza, a haunting tragedy unfolded, leaving indelible scars on the Palestinian community. The magnitude of the massacre reverberated through the lives of countless innocent civilians, tearing apart families and shattering dreams.
The stories of pain and loss in Jabalia serve as a poignant reminder of the human cost of war, imploring the world to bear witness to the heart-wrenching realities faced by Palestinians.

Amidst the ruins, the call for justice and compassion resonates, urging a collective effort towards a future free from such devastating chapters.

Jabalia Today: A New Massacre In A Market

Moments ago, the Israeli warplanes committed yet another Massacre in Jabalia refugee camp by bombing a market in a densely populated area. This attack is only one of many attacks around the Gaza Strip.
The Israeli occupation’s actions are marked by a distressing targeting of civilians, including women and children. The toll on innocent lives was catastrophic, with hundreds losing their lives in a brutal manner around the Strip.

Families are torn apart as homes turn into battlegrounds, and the haunting echoes of sirens replaced the laughter of children. The brutality of the occupation spares no one, leaving civilians trapped in the crossfire.
The tragic reality includes countless stories of mothers shielding their children, children losing their innocence prematurely, and communities grappling with the overwhelming grief of senseless loss.

The martyrs and injured that were found and taken to the hospitals are merely a number of bodies that were found on the surface of the rubbles. The civilian defense and fire-fighters are still trying to recover the bodies and save the lives of the injured buried under the destroyed homes.

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