A shooting crime was conducted tonight in the occupied territory town of Kafr Yasif, leaving one person dead and another critically hurt.

Medical sources confirmed that two persons were shot and badly injured. They were transferred to the hospital, where physicians reported that one of the victims had passed away as a result of his injuries.

In a related incident, a young guy was taken to the hospital after suffering significant injuries in a shooting crime that took place in the city of Lod.

The number of murder victims in the occupied Palestinian territory has increased to 71 since the start of this year, including at least two children and 6 women who perished in various violent acts.

The number of murder victims in Palestinian society has more than doubled over the same time period in 2017. 

As proof of Israeli agencies’ collusion with criminal groups mounts, Palestinian society is experiencing a steady rise in murders and violent occurrences, while the Israeli police are failing to fulfill their responsibility in reducing crime.

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