Information about "Putin's" nuclear hiding place!A luxury complex perched on a slope with a view of the Black Sea was discovered to be Vladimir Putin's nuclear refuge by an American website.

A luxury complex perched on a slope with a view of the Black Sea was discovered to be Vladimir Putin’s nuclear refuge by an American website.

According to the American news outlet “Business Insider,” the facility has every luxury Putin could want.

The opulent compound, which has a cathedral, a wine cellar, and a casino, was first made public by the recently detained Russian dissident Alexei Navalny.

Additionally, there is an ice hockey rink.

Because the opulent facility is remote from the rest of the country, surrounded by around 17,000 hectares of forest, and is in a no-fly zone, rigorous security measures have been put in place. Business Insider referred to it as the “imperial palace”.

fatal mistake

The palace’s designers paid close attention to castle-like defence and opulent splendour, but they overlooked one crucial element.

And the American news outlet claimed that they had neglected to conceal the blueprints, which depict two tunnels running beneath the royal complex and which any security apparatus would have tried to keep hidden.

The error was made public when a Russian contractor uploaded the designs for them online.

To promote his work, the contractor published the designs on his own website in early 2010, and they were available there until late 2016.

The English translation of the designs’ animated versions as well as an explanation of the significance of the two tunnels for security were republished in the American “Business Insider” news website.

Two distinct tunnels that makeup Putin’s underground refuge are connected by an electric lift that lowers more than 50 metres below the surface.

According to architectural blueprints, the two tunnels are covered in solid concrete and contain ample fresh water, sufficient ventilation, and roomy rooms to accommodate VIPs for several days or even weeks.

A moving walkway that leads to the exterior is accessible from the subway.

various levels of safety and security

The American construction engineer Thaddeus Gabrzewski, who evaluated the engineering drawings for Putin’s refuge and is knowledgeable about defence structures, claimed that it contains all sorts of security and safety.

In the two tunnels, he continued, there is a fire system, a water system, and a third sewage system, all of which are intended to keep the individual alive or allow them to escape.

Putin is not the only one using bunkers to get ready for nuclear war.

All nuclear-armed nations’ leaders have comprehensive emergency plans in place, including the US president, whose nuclear bunkers are situated beneath the White House and at Wealth Mountain in Virginia.

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