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The days are up for question, and the battle is still ongoing.

Factions: "Revenge of the Free" was expertly managed by the Joint Operations Room.

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The days are up for question, and the battle is still ongoing.

Factions: “Revenge of the Free” was expertly managed by the Joint Operations Room.

Palestinian factions agreed that the joint operations room of the resistance in the Gaza Strip performed admirably, managed the “Revenge of the Free” combat shrewdly and successfully, and thwarted Israeli occupation intentions.

With Egyptian mediation, a cease-fire deal between the Islamic Jihad movement, the resistance groups, and the occupying power went into effect at 10:00 PM on Saturday.

After assassinating three members of the military council of the Al-Quds Brigades, the armed wing of the Jihad Movement, “Israel” launched an offensive that lasted for five days. The Brigades responded to it by directing hundreds of missiles at the villages of the cover bordering the Strip and the captured towns and cities with full backing, coordination, and management from the Joint Operations Room of the resistance.

33 victims, including six Al-Quds Brigade leaders, died due to the brutal Israeli onslaught, along with more than 160 civilians being hurt and more than 25 homes being demolished.

Muhammad al-Hindi, the head of the Islamic Jihad Movement, informed Al-Jazeera that a cease-fire had been reached, including refraining from harming civilians and destroying homes.

“Our people were able to confront the aggression and deliver painful blows to the Zionist enemy in response to its brutal attacks, criminal massacres, and cowardly assassinations because of the steadfastness of our people, the courage of its resistance, and the unity of the resistance factions in the battle of ‘Revenge of the Free,'” the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine said in a statement.

The Front reaffirmed that as long as the occupation lasts, along with the ferocious assault the enemy is waging against our people in the occupied West Bank, our people would continue to engage in combat with the enemy.

And it urged that what had been accomplished in terms of the resistance factions’ integration and unity must be preserved and developed to support the achievement of a more comprehensive national unity and the efforts of all of our people in the struggle against the Zionist enemy.

I paid respect to the martyrs’ souls who lost their lives in this conflict and emphasized how their blood will continue to shine a light on our people’s march to liberation and reunification.

The Democratic Front for the Liberation of Palestine expressed appreciation for the proactive roles played by all the military wings. It stated, “We did not wait for a request from anyone for the National Resistance Brigades to play their required national role in defending our people, and consolidating unity in the field through the common room in the battle of ‘Revenge of the Free’.”

In a statement, Talal Abu Zarifa, a member of the Front’s political bureau, praised Egyptian efforts that resulted in the cease-fire agreement, which went into force at ten o’clock in the evening and put an end to the onslaught against our people.

The Palestinian Mujahideen Movement, on the other hand, declared that the coordinated resistance in the field had put a stop to a round of hostilities with the enemy. However, the fight would continue until God willing, all of Palestine would be freed.

The movement made it clear that during the battle of “Revenge of the Free,” the blood of our people and the Al-Quds Brigades’ leaders mixed with the blood of the Mujahideen Brigades’ sons who destroyed the altar of freedom and dignity, namely the field commander Muhammad Dader and the fighter Hussein Dalloul.

She applauded the resistance, represented by the Joint Operations Room, which had resisted and thwarted the occupation’s attempt to pick out a specific group in a hero’s epic.

She emphasized how essential our Palestinian people were to this incredible story because of their endurance through the Zionist invasion and their support for the valiant resistance soldiers.

Our hands will stay on the trigger as we wait for our treacherous adversary to suffer successive defeats, the movement emphasized, therefore we call on our brave Mujahideen to remain fully prepared and ready to protect our people.

The Joint Operations Room, which excelled in its performance and managed the struggle with insight and competence, was a conduit through which the Al-Ahrar Movement blessed the triumph of our people, which was attained by the resistance in the battle of “Revenge of the Free”.

It confirmed in a statement that the Joint Operations Room had painted a positive picture of the conflict known as “Revenge of the Free,” with its coordination of decision-making, command of the battlefield, and the enemy’s painful response up until the last second before the start of the quiet time. This is in and of itself a tremendous accomplishment and victory.

And she emphasized that the occupation’s response to resistance-related conditions reflects the severity of the crisis it is going through as a result of its powerful blows, which have proven the deterrence equations, and thank God for our people and their resistance have prevailed and the occupation has been ended.

The Fatah Intifada Movement responded by asserting that the conflict of “Revenge of the Free” embodied Palestinian willpower, our people, and our resistance, lining the most beautiful examples of unity and integration in a great national epic and that the state of Palestinian consensus on the approach of resistance in all its forms in defense of the sacrifice of the martyrs, our sanctuaries, our eternal capital, and the journey a Prophet of ours.

She also emphasized the strategy and plan of action for the Palestinians, who are prepared to protect our people and Jerusalem with everything priceless and priceless in all of their present locations.

She also said that the battle of the free people’s vengeance “is an important juncture in the history of the conflict with the Zionist enemy, who thought before the battle that his hand was free on our people, but the resistance was and will remain the protective shield for our people.”

The Popular Resistance Movement in Palestine claimed that the resistance had the upper hand in dissuading the enemy army and the Zionist occupiers by foiling their plans through the Joint Operations Room.

She also emphasized that the “Revenge of the Free” battle has not yet come to an end and that it is one of the episodes of confronting the occupation and its aggression until the fulfillment of our people’s aspirations for freedom and independence. She added that we will continue to build up our strength and prepare for any potential aggression against our people while telling the occupation that it is still a record. You will make restitution for your terrorist crimes against our citizens since the account is open.

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