Deadly attack was carried out on a vehicle near the illegal Hamra settlement in the northern Jericho governate. Two people were killed during a shooting attack in the occupied West Bank on Friday, Israeli authorities said.

Israel’s military said the attack was carried out on a vehicle near the illegal Hamra settlement.      The Magen David Adom ambulance service said two women were killed and a third was seriously wounded.

The attack came hours after Israeli missile strikes on Lebanon and Gaza.

Israeli sources said that Palestinians opened fire on a car in which three settlers were traveling near the Jordan Valley, causing the car to swerve and collided with the wall adjacent to the street.

The sources added that the two settlers sitting in the front (in their twenties) were killed as a result of being shot and the third (in their forties) was seriously injured as a result of the accident that resulted from the car swerving.

The operation took place in the Hamra area on Road No. (57), and Israeli sources said that the army arrived at the scene and at first it was believed that it was a normal traffic accident, only to find out later that it was a shooting operation.

Palestinian sources have said that the executors had left the scene successfully, meanwhile Israeli forces are looking for the manhunt.

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