Today, Palestinians commemorate the 47th anniversary of Land Day events, which erupted on March 30, 1976, on the background of an “Israeli” decision to confiscate large swaths of Arabs’ lands in Galilee, under the pretext of “Absentee’s Properties Law”.

Palestinians protested peacefully against this unfair policy, but as usual, “Israeli forces” responded with brutal force.

After 47 years, the reality has only changed for the worst, as occupation still resorts to absolute military power, and the law of the jungle, to confiscate Palestinian lands under different pretexts.

The latest chapter of this series was the “Israeli” plan to displace the residents of Al-Sheik Jarrah neighborhood in Jerusalem from their homes and also the actions that Israeli settlers do to the Palestinians in Al Asa Mosque.

In fact, “Israel” seeks through this settlement policy to displace Palestinians from their lands, and destroy their dream of an independent state.

On the other side, Palestinians are still holding to their land, sticking to their roots, and sacrificing everything to protect it. On this occasion, Palestinian Authority in Ramallah would like to highlight the following:

First, we call upon the international community, including United Nations, Security Council, the Quartet, and European Union, to put an end to “Israel” settlement policy.                                                                                                                            Second, we encourage our people to commemorate this day by exposing the Israeli violations and raising the world’s awareness of Palestinian suffering.

Third, we urge Arab countries to stop their diplomatic relations with the Israeli occupation, which proves every day its lack of commitment towards peace with Arabs or Palestinians.

Forth, we call upon International Criminal Court to speed up the procedures and hold “Israel” accountable for its settlement policies in Palestinian territories.

Fifth, we warn the International Community of the consequences of this settlement policy on the stability of the region, because destroying the possibilities of a Palestinian state could lead to a major escalation in the conflict.

Sixth, we encourage international organizations and rights groups to step up the pressure on “Israel” to left the siege of Gaza and stop the humanitarian disaster.

Finally, we send our best greetings to our steadfast people in their lands and call them for unity against the continuous “Israeli” aggression.

The national and Islamic factions called on activating a wide participation in Land Day activities, especially in the territories surrounded by colonial settlements and military checkpoints, within the framework of the ongoing popular resistance throughout the occupied Palestinian territories.                                                                                                                                      In a statement, the factions stressed that next Thursday and Friday will be considered days of popular anger, as an expression of rejection of the occupation and settlers and the defense of the land, and the factions asked the Palestinians to make a wide participation in the activities of this day.


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