Ramadan is an incredibly special time for Muslims all around the world, and Palestine is no exception. As someone who has witnessed the beauty of this holy month, I can attest to the incredible sense of community, reflection, and spiritual growth that takes place during this time.

One of the most special aspects of Ramadan in Palestine is the way in which it brings families together. Despite the physical challenges of fasting, families make a concerted effort to come together each evening to break their fast with the traditional meal of dates and water, followed by a big meal known as iftar. To me, there’s something incredibly heartwarming about seeing families of all generations gathered around the table, sharing food, laughter, and love.

In addition to the family gatherings, Ramadan in Palestine is also marked by the numerous beautiful routines that come with it. From the shopping lists, to the late night itikafs in mosques, to the beautiful spiritual relief. Every year, it seems like Ramadan comes to ease everything and make our troubles go away. 

Of course, Ramadan is not just about the food and the gatherings – it’s also a time for introspection, reflection, and spiritual growth. In Palestine, many people take this time to engage in extra prayers and other religious activities, and there’s a sense of quiet reverence that pervades the air during this holy month.

When spending your Ramadan in Gaza, you must visit Souq Al Zawya, where you can find everything you want from food to clothes and prayer mats in one place. Souq Al Zawya will amaze you with its dazzling colors and the amount of life it carries within it.

All in all, Ramadan is a truly magical time in Palestine, and I feel incredibly lucky to have experienced it firsthand. The sense of community, love, and spiritual growth that permeates this month is truly something special, and I look forward to experiencing it again every year.  We desire family time, calm, and being able to connect deeply with the spirit of the season. Let’s pray for the best.

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