Ministry of Housing in the Gaza Strip has said in a statement that they have accomplished 96% of the first phase of the roads project for the Egyptian grant in the northern Gaza Strip.

The Ministry of Public Works and Housing issued a report mentioning it’s accomplishments during the last February . In the report the ministry said that it has successfully finished and achieved the first phase of the road projects of the Egyptian grant in the northern Gaza Strip. “The completion rate in the implementation of road projects (Corniche Street, Phase I and II, Beit Lahia Street), reached 96%, 76.2%, and 28.22%, respectively”, the ministry added in the report.

The ministry noted that work is underway to complete the rest of the work required for this stage.

On the other hand, the ministry added that works are underway in the first phase of the project, which extends from “Sudaniya square” to” Al-Waha square”, which includes traffic ground signs, road signals, water drainage, and other works. Meanwhile the while work is proceeding in the second phase of the project at an accelerated pace.


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