Car ramming kills two people in East Jerusalem

A Palestinian has rammed a car into a crowded bus stop in occupied East Jerusalem,  killing two Israelis, including a child, before being shot and killed, Israeli police and  medics say. 

The car ramming on Friday took place in the illegal Israeli settlement of Ramot. Escalations and tensions have soared in the eastern half of the city after a Palestinian  carried out a shooting outside a synagogue on January 27, which killed seven people in  the deadliest attack in Jerusalem in more than a decade. 

The Israeli rescue service identified the two people killed on Friday as a six-year-old boy  and a man in his 20s. It said medics were treating five injured, including an eight-year-old  in critical condition after undergoing CPR. The others ranged in age from 10 to 40 and  were in moderate to serious condition. 

“It was a shocking scene,” said paramedic Lishai Shemesh, who happened to be driving  by at the time of the attack. “I was in the car with my wife and children and noticed a car  driving fast into the bus stop and crushing the people who were waiting there.”

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