A sport and an athlete

Like many aspects of life in the Gaza Strip, sports are a sector that is hardly surviving in the tiny enclave. Like every other denied right, Gazans can even play sports freely. 

When thinking of sports, all kinds of pictures pop into one’s head. From basketball, football, tennis, golf, horse riding, badminton, and much more. Athletes in the world get amazing chances of participating in competitions and train in the best fields. But like many other things, Palestinians in Gaza are denied this enjoyment. 

For Gazans, there are only a few clubs and facilities they can play in, and even fewer sports they can train in and practice. Even functioning facilities lack a lot of things like having good equipment and being located far away, not to mention that training for sports in Gaza can be very costly, making it a luxury for many sports lovers.
In certain cases, the talented athletes in Gaza get discovered and invited to compete for big prizes. Yet, the terrible conditions of the borders, both Erez crossing and the Egyptian borders, make it a struggle to leave and deny travelers in many cases. 

Palestinians kids and athletes have the right to play sports, participate in competitions, unleash their power, and show the rest of the world how talented they actually are.

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