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Five Hundred Mistakes

by Afaf Ahmed
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Five Hundred Mistakes

After the latest news about the work permits number increasing for Palestinians in the Gaza Strip to work in the so-called israel. Gazans were shocked by the news of 500 new work permits being granted to women!

The idea of work permits and working under the authority of the occupier and the enemy has always been a hard pill to swallow for all Palestinians. The fact that you could be on land that is originally yours, but working for someone else is extremely humiliating. Men who get permits to work in israel face all kinds of struggles. From having to travel for very long hours and work in hard jobs, to being constantly humiliated and looked down upon by people who have no right of authority in our own country. 

Yet, Palestinians still take these chances because of the terrible financial and economical situations that they are living under.

Now, with new permits being granted to ladies. One can only imagine how terrifying of an experience it will be for Palestinian women to work in the same circumstances. The majority of Palestinians are completely against it as most husbands, fathers, and brothers wouldn’t accept the women of their houses living this experience. However, other Palestinians call for the community to be more open-minded and adopt the feminist approach in dealing with this. 

This topic has nothing to do with feminism in my opinion, women should be able to work whenever and wherever they want. But as most Palestinians, I cant imagine myself or my mother working with the shouting and yelling of a Zionist telling us to give her the luxury we would be living in our country if it wasn’t for their apartheid state.

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