As the sun rose on the beleaguered yet unyielding landscape of Gaza, the day marked not just the dawn of a new morning, but a moment of revelation that would unmask the heavily veiled narrative surrounding the Palestinian struggle. 

In a world where narratives are crafted and recrafted to suit the whims of the influential, the essence of truth often finds itself veiled behind the shroud of orchestrated narratives controlled by the mainstream media. The Palestinian cause, cradling centuries of history within its bosom, has witnessed countless tales spun around it, often masking the resilience and courage that beats within the heart of its people.

The recent actions of the Palestinian Resistance have unveiled a narrative that seldom finds its way into the mainstream discourse – a narrative of dignity, humanity, and resistance against oppression. The release of a video displaying the humane treatment of captured individuals stands in stark contrast to the grim reality Palestinian prisoners face in Israeli detention. While the world has often been swayed by the wind of mainstream narratives, the whisper of truth carried by the actions of the Palestinian Resistance is a testimony to the unyielding spirit of a nation striving for justice and the bare minimum of human rights.

In this article we delve into the recent events, shedding light on the stark contrast between the dignified treatment extended by Palestinian Resistance to the israeli detainees, and the horrifying reality faced by Palestinian prisoners in israeli jails for decades. In an attempt to offer a glimpse into the uncelebrated narrative of Palestine’s unwavering resolve to uphold dignity and human rights amidst a scenario of unseen battlefields and unspoken tales. 

Unveiling the Humanitarian Gesture

Various videos of israeli settlers have been circulating on social media sharing their experience with the resistance fighters and the humane and kind manner they were treated in. One woman says: “I don’t think they are terrorists, they are kind, they didn’t hurt me or touch me, they came into my house like guests, this is the truth.”. Multiple other videos show similar statements made. 

The Palestinian Resistance recently released footage of the release of two elderly detainees back to the IOF by Qatari efforts. The video shows the resistance fighters and the women drinking tea and chatting before being released and sent back. A heart-warming and unveiling scene is shown in the video when one of the detainees looks back and refuses to leave before shaking the resistance fighter’s hand and bidding them farewell. 

Yocheved Lifshitz, 85 year old israeli and one of the released captive, speaks in a statement about what she experiences and says: 

“When we arrived in Gaza, they told us at first that they believed in the Qur’an and that they would not harm us. They said they would treat us as they treated those around them. We were under heavy guard. A paramedic and a doctor also came and made sure that we always had the medicines we took. They really cared about the health aspect, and we had a doctor who came every two or three days to see what was happening with us. They took responsibility and made sure to bring medicines, and if there were no identical medicines to what we take, they would give equivalent medicines. They were very kind and made sure we ate well. We ate the same food as them. We were treated well. They paid attention to every detail. They had women with us who knew the meaning of feminine hygiene. Hamas had planned everything a long time ago. They prepared everything we needed, including shampoo and conditioner. The lack of competence of the army and Shin Bet hurt us a lot. We were made a scapegoat for the government.”

The Palestinians in Gaza and around Palestine weren’t surprised by the act in the video nor the statements made, as it is known and shown throughout history that the Palestinian Resistance has an unyielding spirit of justice and humanity. Palestinians around the world take pride in their humaneness and fairness.

The Bitter Aftertaste of a Humane Image

Israeli officials are reportedly unhappy with the interview done with Lifshitz, saying she “wasn’t prepared for the statement”.

It has been said that the state-owned Kan News was told the interview was a mistake adding that a preliminary meeting should’ve been held with her prior to the interview so she’s prepared for the questions that would be asked. 

Following the press conference, Yocheved’s son, Yizhar, shared that his mother had undergone a “sensitive” debriefing by the Shin Bet on Monday night. He emphasized that during the press conference, she had expressed her own opinions authentically, and would never utter anything suggested by others.

Hannibal Directive: A Dark Shadow Over Detainee Fate

This takes us to one of the most chaotic laws that the Israeli forces have set for their soldiers called Hannibal Action, which states that the Israeli forces have the right to murder their own soldiers in the case they fell under captivity by the Palestinian Resistance.

In 1986, a number of Israeli forces generals and high-ranking officials worked on establishing this law to ensure that any detainees that could fall under the resistance’s hands won’t be used as a leverage or a winning card to pressure the Israeli occupation in any negotiations.

Yasmin Porat, a survivor of the fighting at Kibbutz Be’eri, near the Israeli segregation barrier with Gaza, says many Israeli settlers were killed by Israeli forces on October 7. 

“They [Israeli army] eliminated everyone, including the hostages,” she told Israeli Channel 12. “There was very, very heavy crossfire and even tank shelling”.

At least 4 prisoners held by hamas were killed by israeli airstrikes on Gaza, the israeli occupation forces are carrying out carpet bombing on the Gaza Strip with hopes to get rid of any prisoners they can along the way so Hamas can’t use them as leverage. 

From Gaza to IOF Prisons: A Stark Contrast

On the other hand, Palestinian prisoners have been subjected to the terrors of torture, ill treatment, administrative detention, medical neglect, and terrible living conditions. Enduring torture and ill-treatment in Israeli prisons, with methods such as sleep deprivation, physical beatings, and psychological torture.

Human rights organizations have voiced concerns about these practices, indicating a grave breach of international laws. Concurrently, Israel employs a policy of administrative detention, wherein individuals are held without trial for extended periods. This policy denies the basic right to a fair trial, engendering a sense of perpetual fear among the Palestinian populace. 

The medical needs of Palestinian prisoners are often overlooked and inadequately addressed, leading to deteriorating health conditions. Common issues reported include a lack of prompt medical attention and inadequate healthcare facilities, further exacerbating the suffering of the detainees. The intersection of medical neglect with the alleged torture and harsh administrative detention policies paints a bleak picture of the hardships faced by Palestinian prisoners, and the brutality of the israeli occupation.

As the narrative unfolds, it beckons the international community to delve deeper into the Palestinian struggle and history, it is about time the dust is wiped out and the narratives are changed, paving the way towards education, understanding, and truthfulness. The recent events truly show who the rightful owners of the land are, those who flee back to their original countries, and those who set on the ruins of their homes waiting for a better tomorrow and a free Palestine.

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