Israeli occupation forces launched a violent raid on the city of Jenin and its refugee camp on Monday, firing missiles at a residential building and shooting at a hospital, local sources reported.

Witnesses said the Israeli occupation forces fired two missiles at a three-story building in Jenin refugee camp after forcing its inhabitants to evacuate. The missiles destroyed the top floor of the building, which contained six apartments, according to the owner.

The Israeli occupation forces also opened fire at the emergency department of Ibn Sina Hospital, which is located near the camp, injuring several patients and medical staff, the sources added.

The sources said the Israeli forces used civilians as human shields during their incursion into the camp, which sparked clashes with the residents. Several Palestinians were arrested and others were injured by live bullets and tear gas.

Health ministry releases identities of Palestinians killed in Jenin

The Palestinian ministry of health released a list of the names and ages of the eight people killed by the Israeli army in the Jenin refugee camp on Monday; three minors were among those killed.

  1. Nour el-Din Husam Marshoud, 16
  2. Majdi Ararawi, 17
  3. Ali Hani al-Ghoul,17
  4. Husam Mohammad Abu Theeba, 18
  5. Aws Hani Hanoun, 19
  6. Sameeh Firas Abu al-Wafa, 20
  7. Ahmad Mohammad Amer, 21
  8. Mohammad Muhannad al-Shami, 23

The ninth Palestinian killed by Israel on Monday was shot dead at the northern entrance to Ramallah city, and was identified as 21-year-old Mohammad Imad Hasanein.

Gaza-based political factions call on Palestinians to rally around Jenin

The Israeli aggression on Jenin has raised fears of yet another escalation with armed resistance groups in the besieged Gaza Strip, some of which have been lending support to Palestinian fighters in the occupied West Bank.

The Joint Operations Room of the Palestinian Resistance Factions, an umbrella group comprising political parties in Gaza, said in a statement: “We call on all our people in cities, villages and camps, especially around Jenin, to confront the Israeli occupation and support Jenin.

“We call on the resistance fighters in all arenas to respond to any aggression if the Israeli occupation continues its crimes against our people.”

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