Israel Hayom’s website reported that the Israeli Defense Minister Yoav Gallant has implemented a Knesset-approved law from two months ago that abolishes the Disengagement Law from evacuated settlements in the northern West Bank.

According to the Hebrew source, Galant commanded the Israeli occupation forces in the West Bank to ensure safe passage to settlers in the region and to provide them with full security.

The website commented that this decision will have far-reaching security and political implications, as the Israeli occupation forces will increase its presence in the region and commence rebuilding the settlement by establishing military bases.

Israel Hayom reported that the option of relocating the religious school located in Homesh outpost a short distance will be examined, in order to be in compliance with the Supreme Court’s ruling which previously necessitated its evacuation due to it being situated on private Palestinian property.

MK Danny Danon, a Likud party official abroad, commented that this decision signifies the resumption of Jewish settlement in the northern West Bank, thus putting an end to the policy of withdrawals and inaugurating a period of re-establishing settlements robustly.

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