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Arrests and raids in Jerusalem and the West Bank

The West Bank and Jerusalem, which are both under Israeli occupation, saw a huge campaign of arrests and raids begin on Monday.

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The West Bank and Jerusalem, both under Israeli occupation, saw a massive campaign of arrests and raids begin on Monday.

Local reports also said that the occupying troops raided a home west of the city, close to the Nablus Specialised Hospital, and detained Abdul Rahman Abu Hijleh in an effort to persuade his brother Saleh to give himself up.

Under the pretense of performing maintenance on Joseph’s tomb, it also overran the eastern area and spread to Amman Street.

Armed conflicts broke out between the occupation forces and resistance fighters, who fired at them and detonated homemade bombs, in the vicinity of Joseph’s tomb.

The Israeli troops took four people into custody on Monday morning as they stormed different parts of the Ramallah governorate in the occupied West Bank.

Muhammad Ahmed Al-Barghouti, a released prisoner who served 14 years in occupation jails, was taken into custody from his home by the occupation forces when they assaulted the village of Deir Abu Mishaal west of Ramallah.

The occupation also overran the Marhaba Surface neighborhood in Al-Bireh and detained Abd al-Rahman Qatash, a human rights activist.

North of Ramallah, a military unit assaulted the Jalazoun refugee camp and seized Saeed Nakhleh’s residence, the leader of the Islamic Jihad. They also ransacked a store, which resulted in fights with numerous young males.

Young people Ahmed Ibrahim Al-Tirawi and Alaa Saeed Nakhleh were taken into custody by the occupation after storming and searching their residences.

The Israeli soldiers invaded the town of Al-Issawiya in Jerusalem, searched his home, and arrested Muhammad Yasser Darwish, a 12-year-old boy.

Said Ibrahim Abu Bakr from Ya’bad and Ammar Abdul Hakim Khallouf from Burqin were taken into custody in Jenin by the occupying troops after they raided their families’ homes and engaged in street battles with the locals.

Additionally, Muhannad Tawfiq Abu Bakr, a resident of Ya’bad, was detained by the occupying troops when he passed the Barta’a military checkpoint.

In the same context, military forces assaulted the villages of Kafr Qud and Bir al-Basha and the town of Qabatiya, driving their vehicles through the streets and lanes without making any recorded arrests.

After raiding and searching the residences of their families, the occupation forces in Bethlehem detained Ahmed Nasser Asakereh (23 years old) of the village of Asakereh, Munir Muhammad Taamreh (35 years old) of the town of Al-Arouj in the east, Salah Musa Sabah (26 years old), Fadi Adel Atallah (25 years old), and Ahmed Saeed Sabah (26 years old), as well as Hamza Awad

According to the sources, Marwan Fararjeh, a man in his 30s who serves as the secretary of the Fatah movement in Aida camp, and Ahmed Jamal Hassan, a 37-year-old man from Bethlehem’s Al-Saff Street, were detained after having their homes examined, and seized their contents had been changed.

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