On Wednesday, the Palestinian Resistance Committees declared that the Palestinian resistance had outperformed itself in the wake of Sheikh Khader Adnan’s murder by demonstrating that it is the sword and shield that defends our people, our detainees, and our cause.

According to a statement obtained by “Safa” agency from the media representative of the resistance committees, Muhammad al-Buraim, “Abu Mujahid,” “the joint room, along with all the components of our resistant Palestinian people, has proven its ingenuity in responding to the assassination of Sheikh Adnan and confronting the Israeli enemy, and it presented a bright picture of the unity of our people and its resistance factions.”

This demonstrated that “the prisoners are a red line and a detonator for the revolution and the resistance, and that it will wage all battles and confrontations for their sake, and will sacrifice them dearly and will not leave them or let them down.” He praised the resistance and all combative military weapons.

For their outstanding efforts in putting a stop to the onslaught against our people, Abu Mujahid conveyed his gratitude and admiration to the brothers in the Arab Republic of Egypt.

The Palestinian resistance in the Gaza Strip launched hundreds of missiles across the common area and in multiple bursts at the settlements surrounding the Gaza Strip in retaliation for the crime of killing the captured Khader Adnan.

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