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3 Israeli wounded , a Palestinian shot dead in a car-ramming attack

by Mohammed AbuHalima
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The General Authority for Civil Affairs reported that it informed the Ministry of  Health of the death of the young man “Muhammad Raed Nayef Barda’iya” a 23- year- old- man by the Israeli bullets near the town of Beit Ummar . 

According to local sources, the Israeli occupation soldiers opened fire at the young  man Barda’iya, who was driving near the town of Beit Ummar, critically wounding  him, leaving him bleeding and preventing Palestinian ambulances and paramedics from approaching the scene, until he was declared as a martyr. 

The sources indicated that the martyr Barda’iya is from the town of Surif,  northwest of Hebron. 

The occupation authorities claimed that three of their soldiers were injured, two of  them seriously, in a Palestinian stamping attack near the Gush Etzion junction ,  which is built on the citizens’ land south of Bethlehem. 

On the other hand, Palestinian Ministry of Health has declared that the death toll  of martyrs since the beginning of this year rises to 92 martyrs, including 17  children and a woman, and a young man from the village of Hura in the Negev  near the 48 territories.

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