Rocket strikes targeting two US bases in eastern Syria

An al-Mayadeen correspondent in Syria reported, on Friday evening, that a missile had targeted the US coalition bases in the Koniko and Al-Omar fields, east of the Euphrates River, in the countryside of Deir Ezzor.

The correspondent added that there is an intense flight of US helicopters over the Koniko field, east of the Euphrates River in Syria.

At the same time, Al-Mayadeen sources confirmed that several missiles had fallen on the American occupation base in the Coneco gas field, without information about the extent of the losses, adding that the bombing of the Coneco base was carried out with eight missiles, which landed in the base and its surroundings.

Local sources in the vicinity of the Al-Omar oil field base, in Deir ez-Zor, told Sputnik that the flames are rising from inside the US army base within the field (the Green Zone), amid great alert for the US occupation forces and its warplanes and reconnaissance flights over the base and in its vicinity.

The sources said that the sounds of explosions shook the area surrounding the Koniko base as a result of the missile strikes, with plumes of smoke rising from inside.

And the local sources added, “There is no accurate information about the losses among the American soldiers inside the Al-Omar and Koniko bases, amid the sound of warning sirens, coinciding with the flight of American warplanes and reconnaissance planes.”

Biden comments

Commenting on these strikes, US President Joe Biden announced in Ottawa that the United States “does not seek conflict with Iran.”

During a joint press conference with Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, Biden said, “Don’t be mistaken, the United States does not seek conflict with Iran, but it is ready to work forcefully to protect its people.”

Commenting on the American strikes in Syria, Biden said, “I gave my instructions to respond quickly after the attack on our forces Thursday in Syria by Iranian-backed groups.”

And at dawn today, Friday, the US Department of Defense (“The Pentagon”) announced that its forces had launched air strikes in Syria, “in response” to a “fatal” attack by drones.

The Pentagon said that a drone killed an American and wounded 6 others, at a coalition base near Hasakah, northeastern Syria, at 1:38 pm local time.

An official source of Iranian advisors in Syria commented on the American attack on Deir Ezzor, on the night of Thursday-Friday, saying that “the targets that were attacked were food stores and service centers,” and that “as a result of this attack, 7 martyrs and 7 innocent people were wounded.”, who have no fault other than that they serve their people in that region.”

The source warned the American occupation, saying: “We have the upper hand, and we have the ability to respond if our centers and forces are targeted on Syrian territory, and our revenge will not be easy and far.”

Earlier, the American New York Times, on Friday, quoted US officials as saying that the air defenses were “not fully operational” before the strike, which hit a military base in Syria, on Thursday night.

It was not clear, according to the newspaper, why the system was not fully operational, and what difference this system made in defending the base.

Syria rejects the presence of US forces on its territory, describing it as an occupation. More than once, it demanded the exit of those forces.

On March 9, members of the US House of Representatives, during a vote on a draft resolution presented by Republican Representative Matt Goetz, rejected the withdrawal of US forces from Syria.

Last February, Goetz presented the draft resolution, which indicates that the number of US forces in Syria has reached 900.

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