Allegedly carrying out a shooting and running over attack. A young man was killed by the Israeli forces in Kafr Qasim

Occupied Jerusalem
A Palestinian youth from Kafr Qasim area was killed at dawn on Friday by
the Israeli occupation forces .
The Israeli forces claimed that the young man carried out a deliberate
running over attack amid shooting and throwing Molotov cocktails at an
Israeli force which was present in the area where the attack took place.
Israeli forces that the incident left at least two injuries and they were
Israeli newspaper added that the perpetrator of the attack, in his twenties,
carried out a shooting attack first, and then carried out a running over attack
against members of the occupation forces who were carrying out activity in
the city of Kafr Qasim in the Palestinian interior.
It claimed that a knife was found in his vehicle. Additionally, weapons and
ammunition were found also in his home. The Israeli forces said that several
members of his family were arrested for questioning .

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