TEDx In Gaza

We all know that Palestine is one of the places that carry the most stories. With people who lived all kinds of experiences, good and bad. 

The amount of inspiration I get daily from random people I meet makes me believe Palestine should be written as a novel.

Recently, I came across the beautiful news that a TEDx event was going to happen in Gaza. Not only that, but for the first time, it will be a TEDxyouth event. 

TEDx events are events that are independently organized under the umbrella of TED, giving a stage to inspiring individuals to share their stories under the slogan “ideas worth spreading”. TEDx events can have different types, such as TEDx business, TEDx university, TEDx women, and TEDx youth. 

For a TEDx youth event, the speakers are usually kids aged 18 and younger. Gaza’s first TEDxyouth event happened under the name of TEDxYouthAlJalaaSt, a platform for stories of young minds and big aspirations. The event is organized and implemented by theatre day productions alongside with TEDxBirzeit in partnership with the Drosos Foundation. 

The event had 7 youngsters with various stories, children that shared how the light comes after the darkness and how opportunities must be grabbed with no hesitation. Young people who will one day show the whole world what it’s like to create wonders from nothingness. 

This is a type of event that should always take place in Palestine and the Gaza Strip to shed light not only on the struggles Palestinians live but also on the steadfastness they have and the life-loving nature they have.

Don’t hesitate to search the name up and watch the stories of these wonderful kids!

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