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Executions in Gaza – What’s going on?

by Sami Osman
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Executions in Gaza - What's going on?

Gaza’s Hamas authorities Sunday executed five Palestinian men convicted for collaboration with Israel.

The Interior Ministry said the executions meant “to achieve public deterrence and security,” but rights groups in the past have questioned fair-trial standards in the military and civilian courts in Gaza.

Two of the men, both members of the Palestinian security forces, were killed by firing squad, and the other three were hanged at dawn at a security site in Gaza City.

It must be highlighted that the executions happened with no coordination or communication between Hamas and the Palestinian President, Mahmoud Abbas (Abu Mazen).

Executions with no trials or clear investigations are common in places such as the Iranian Islamic Republic, and Hamas with this latest executions, adopted a very similar behavior.

Two of those put to death Sunday, were charged with collaborating with Israel and providing it with information that aided the Israeli military in striking targets in Gaza, the ministry said. 

Gaza Press is monitoring for more information.


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